Programme RT24

24th Meeting of the French Society of Toxinology (SFET)

"Toxins: Biodiversity, Environment and Evolution"

7 et 8 Décembre 2017 - Institut Pasteur (Auditorium François Jacob)
Paris - France


Invited speakers

  • Alejandra BRAVO (Instituto de Biotecnología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Morelos, Mexico)
    Biodiversity of Cry toxins produced by Bacillus thuringiensis and evolution of resistance to these toxins in different insect pests
  • Sophie HELAINE (MRC Centre for Molecular Bacteriology and Infection, Imperial College, London, UK)
    Tac toxins in Salmonella
  • Philipp HESS (Laboratoire Phycotoxines, Ifremer, Nantes, France)
    Biogeography and diversity of micro-algal toxins and metabolites
  • Lu LIU (DuPont Pioneer, Hayward, CA, USA)
    Recent progress on non-Bt insecticidal protein discovery and their potential application
  • Nicolas PUILLANDRE (Institut de Systématique – Évolution – Biodiversité, MNHN, Paris, France)
    Conoidea and their toxins: evolution of a hyperdiversified group
  • Björn VON REUMONT (Department of Life Sciences, the Natural History Museum, London, UK; Institute for Biology, University of Leipzig, Germany)
    Venomics of remipede crustaceans: revealing biological and methodological aspects of their toxin cocktails
  • Wolfgang WÜSTER (School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University, Environment Centre Wales, Bangor, UK)
    Why is snake venom composition so variable?
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